Keysie 4-Pack
  • Keysie 4-Pack


    This Keysie 4-Packs will make those fiddly everyday tasks easy. Everyone needs a Keysie!


    By sliding in, rotating, and locking open your keyring, it allows you to add or remove keys pain-free. What's more, it also helps with lots of other fiddly everyday tasks!


    • Shopping trolley token (for when you forget your £1 /€1 coin)
    • Open can ring-pulls
    • Find tape end
    • Safely open parcels
    • Lift picture frame flaps


    Keysie also fits nicely on your keyring, so it's always there when you need it.


    Dimensions: 5.0 cm (long) x 2.5 cm (wide) x 0.5 cm (thick)

    Material: Nylon

    • Each Keysie 4-pack comes on an instruction card